The Dark Reich

Operation Burning Nest

TDR: Episode 7


Decrypt intelligence found at the Pyramids and inform ORRDA of actionable intelligence.

Follow-on Orders

Find the secret airfield discovered in the Pyramid intel. Destroy the airfield and abscond with the mentioned crates of artifacts. RTBORRDA HQ.

Augurs Assigned

Maj. Alastor Fielding
Arkady Biryukov
Radclyffe Homer Storm

Mission Summary

After receiving a new decryption key from “the boys and girls in the lab,” the Augurs set to work pouring through the intelligence they had collected at the Pyramids following the battle with the awakened Sphinx. In it, they discovered that the Germans were operating a secret airbase deeper in the desert, and were about to ship out crates of artifacts they had retrieved during their operations in the deserts of Egypt.

On communicating this to Mother, the Augurs received orders to make their way to the airfield, destroy it, and abscond to ORRDA HQ with the artifacts mentioned in the decrypted documents.

On arrival to the location given in the intel, the Augurs were surprised to find…nothing. On further investigation, however, they discovered that the airfield was entirely hidden using the very same “invisibility field generators” that they had encountered at Giza.

Using his penchant for disguise and impersonation, Imperator inserted himself into the German forces to scout the airfield and collect field intelligence in preparation for the mission at hand. Once a quick sketch of the base had been made, the Augurs devised a plan to maximize destruction and inflict heavy losses on the Nazis while directing their attention away from the Heinkel carrying the artifacts.

With the airfield erupting in to explosive chaos around them, the Augurs made for their escape vehicle. Unfortunately, they weren’t the only ones! As they neared the cargo plane they found themselves facing none other than the SGA Man and his retinue of Wolfentruppen! A furious battle ensued, with each side expending every ounce of might and magical force they had with which to win the field and the plane carrying the precious cargo.

Down to their last magazines and licking their wounds, the Augurs managed to board the plane and start it taxiing down the runway. There was a collective sigh of relief as the wheels left the ground, and the fires began to fall away underneath them.

They were airborne. Turning the nose of the plane for London, the Augurs could finally relax for a moment.


Grungydan Grungydan

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