The Dark Reich

The Pyramid Play

TDR: Episode 5

The Assignment

Establish new safehouse in Cairo. Discover the intention of the covert German presence in Cairo.

Assigned Augurs

Maj. Alastor Fielding
Sgt. Anthony Labella
Temporary Agent: <redacted>

Mission Summary

After making contact with an ORRDA operative and receiving the “keys” to their new safehouse, the Augurs went about establishing themselves in Cairo.

Contacting Mother, the Augurs were informed that they were to seek out SGA presence in Cairo and find out what their intent was in Egypt as quickly as possible.

After spending their first day in Egypt performing human intelligence instead of relaxing as they had planned, they quickly pieced together that the Germans were planning a large expedition out to the great pyramids, and had received some rather strange appearing equipment through the train station with which to do so.

Quickly making their own arrangements, the Augurs set out after the Germans into the desert. Electing to observe rather than act rashly, they watched from hiding as the Nazis set up an elaborate camp and began digging. The the Augurs’ surprise, however, the Germans were digging at the bases of three of the lesser-known and less explored pyramids: The Pyramids of the Queens.

Taking the risk of discovery, the Augurs made their way into the camp to find out what they could about the aim of the Reich: the SGA was hunting the mythical Gems of the Queens, powerful artifacts with dangerous powers lost to antiquity.

Electing a “wait and see” approach, the Augurs observed as on the third day, the Germans made their way into their dug out vaults with strange, sturdy iron boxes, apparently ready to retrieve the gems.

After a few hours, the first of the artifact retrieval teams returned to the surface looking accomplished. An hour later, the second team returned with their prize. Then, another hour, and another passed with no word from the third team.

The Germans finally sent a small squad of soldiers to check on the retrieval team. Another two hours passed, with the camp becoming more and more abuzz with frustrated and fearful activity. Finally, a large contingent of soldiers were sent into the hole, armed to the teeth.

About 30 minutes later, howls and screams were heard erupting from the entryway to the base of the third pyramid as a few German soldiers are chased out of the pyramid by howling spirits and their own dead comrades! Chaos erupted and the remaining Germans put up a decent fight, but eventually all that remained were bodies and a few undead German soldiers that seemed to wander about the ruined camp. Meanwhile, the spirits retreated back into the depths of the crypts.

After some deliberation, the Augurs made their way into the camp, putting down the few roving undead soldiers as they made their way to the opening of the third chamber. Making their way underground, they followed a winding passageway for several hundred yards and came to a large cavern with a sarcophagus in the center.

Even after making several choice observations about the legends of mummies and deliberating over who would open the coffin, the Augurs were not truly prepared to be set upon by the ancient queen and her guardians!

After a pitched battle with the undead monarch, they stood successful, the last Gem of the Queens in hand and the SGA defeated once again…for now.


Grungydan Grungydan

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