TDR Setting

The Setting of The Dark Reich

It’s 1944, and WWII trudges on. The United States remains officially neutral while secretly providing arms and manufacturing support to the Allied nations. The Nazis are at a stalemate on the Eastern Front, locked into a shoving match with Russia. To the West, Britain and her allies remain locked in bitter, terrible struggle to keep the Nazis at bay. While a cold war smolders between Japan and China, it is largely seen as a separate conflict from the war between German led forces against Europe and her allies. The rest of Europe stands occupied by German forces, if not allied with them.

While Hitler and his Reich have the deeper and older knowledge of The Dark, the eldritch forces unlocked through occult research and ritual, the other nations are catching up, and magic is used by nearly everyone involved in the conflict. The worry is that with the Dark Reich’s head start, it may be too little, too late.

The Agency, as the fairly recently and rather hastily formed international Occult Research and Reich Destabilization Agency (ORRDA) refers to itself, was formed to centralize and increase the effectiveness of magic and other “supernatural” efforts already underway by the nations opposing the Third Reich. Ironically first suggested by the United States, the Agency now counts the U.S., Britain and her territories, France (half of which is occupied by the Germans), and Russia as member-nations. The Agency also maintains contact with the Kreisau Circle.

The ORRDA has one mission: To help the allies catch up to Hitler’s command of The Dark, and to do as much damage to the Reich as they can in the process.

Welcome to ORRDA, Augur. Lingo of The Dark Reich

Augur – n; originally meaning a soothsayer or teller of portents, the title given to agents of ORRDA
Auspex – n; the “handler” of a team of Augurs
The Dark – aka: the Darkness; n; the unofficial but widely recognized name of the magic forces discovered initially by Hitler’s Nazi occultists and now wielded on both sides of the conflict.
The Dark Reich – n; The name given to the Third Reich due to their use of The Dark to wreak havok on their enemies
Difftech – n; slang; shorthand for Difference Engine Technology, the advanced computing of the age; computers are programmed by punch card, and advanced practitioners can manipulate the physical machines to achieve various outcomes
ORRDA – aka The Agency; n (acronym); the Occult Research and Reich Destabilization Agency; an international agency secretly fighting to bring down The Dark Reich by helping the Allied nations catch up magically to the Axis
Studiengruppe für Germanisches Altertum (SGA) – the “Study Group for German Antiquity;” n; Hitler’s primary occult investigation and research division; subject of more rumor than knowledge; known to employ magically active personnel

TDR Setting

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