The Dark Reich

The Cross of Ashod

TDR: Episode 1


Retreive a powerful Christian artifact before the SGA can get their hands on it.

Augurs Assigned

Maj. Alastor Fielding
Sgt. Anthony Labella
Alexadrie Claire Casse
Hptm. Gunter von Wulfgang

Mission Summary

After assembling as a new team in Nazi occupied Paris, the team barely had time to choose bunks before Mother contacted them with their first mission. They were to delve into the catacombs beneath Notre Dame and retrieve an ancient Christian artifact before the SGA could do the same. Time was ticking away, and so the Augurs were forced to action with what scant intelligence they had been provided and their own wits and training.

Joined by a member of the French Resistance who provided hard-won intelligence on the cathedral and the location of the artifact, the Augurs whisked away from their secret base of operations above a local florist’s through the hostile streets of Nazi Paris toward the target. On arriving, the team could see that this would be no walk in the park, as the cathedral had been locked down tight by the enemy and was being actively guarded by Wehrmacht patrols.

Using her superb infiltration skills, the Resistance fighter scaled the cathedral wall and let the team in through a seldom-used door on the cathedral’s far side. Once inside, the team investigated the altar, which was suspected to be a secret entrance into the catacombs below. With their keen eyes and skills of deduction, they were able to locate and operate the hidden switch, opening the carefully hidden doorway to the staircase that would lead them far below the streets of Paris and into the darkness below.

Again with the key information provided by a fallen Resistance member, the Augurs swiftly located the artifact chamber mentioned in the intercepted German communiques. They were awed by the ancient scene set before them, as centered in the far wall of the chamber was the perfectly preserved armor of a Christian crusader with the artifact hanging on a chain around its neck: the Cross of Ashod.

With attentions focused on the cross and the beautiful armor it adorned, it wasn’t until one of the Augurs touched the cross to retrieve it and the rattle of dry bones was heard that the team paid any attention to the piles of the dead lining the walls of the chamber. You can be sure that when several sets of these remains stood and took up arms that the Augurs attention was finally pulled from the cross!

As fighting ensued, the team was forced to rally their wits and ignore the impossibility of the dead rising to repel them as they struggled to keep from joining them. It was then that the Crusader himself shuddered to life and began leading the battle against the Augurs! Wielding a greatsword and wearing ornate plate armor, the Crusader was a fearsome sight to behold, made even more terrifying when he raised the Cross and channeled energy that seemed to breathe new unlife into his fellow bone warriors!

But although they faced terrors that most minds would crack upon beholding, the Augurs were able to call on their training and their knowledge that in this war of dark forces unknown, such things were indeed possible. Steeled by the resolute command of their cell leader, they were able to summon the courage to keep fighting, and soon the bones were returned to their more natural state on the floor of the chamber.

Just as it seemed that all that remained was to grab the cross and make for the exit, the Augurs were alerted by their keen senses to the approach of a Nazi patrol. Taking up hiding among the bones and ruins, it wasn’t long before their eyes lay upon the SGA Man for the first time.

Before even catching their breath from the previous fight, the Augurs found themselves crossing metaphorical swords with yet another foe. Though this enemy was more conventional than the last, wielding small arms rather than ancient blades, they were no less fearsome. This was made especially clear when the SGA Man let loose his first spell quickly followed by a second and a third!

The Augurs were taken aback as the Man seemed to blur in and out of their vision before they suddenly found themselves seemingly glued into place, their feet having sunken into the very stone of the chamber! Again, however, they were able to call upon their inner reserves and win the day, killing the SGA Man and his guard before escaping the chamber to flee the catacombs and return the artifact to ORRDA.

It wasn’t to be so easy, however, for even though it seemed that their fighting was over for the night, they returned to the surface to find that the Cathedral guard had been placed on alert! Thinking quickly, the team commandeered a fighting vehicle and fled through the streets of Paris in a pitched mobile battle against the Wehrmacht forces guarding the location. With their fighting prowess and some quick decisions, they were able to slip into the dark Paris night and make the rendesvous with the Auspex sent to courier the Cross back to an ORRDA research facility.

Thus the team was introduced to Paris, and to the dangerous work they had been recruited for. They returned to their safehouse to rest and await the orders for their next mission.


Grungydan Grungydan

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