The Dark Reich

Trip to the Library

TDR: Episode 3

The Assignment

Meet an ally from the Kreissau Circle who has intelligence on the location of a small Thule Society library currently in Nazi possession. Retrieve the volumes by any means necessary for transfer and study by ORRDA.

Augurs Assigned

Maj. Alastor Fielding
Sgt. Anthony Labella
Alexadrie Claire Casse
Hptm. Gunter von Wulfgang

Mission Summary

The Augurs arrived at the meeting point to find their contact brutally torn asunder and quite dead. Thankfully, the Augurs thorough search turned up a few interesting things. One, the Kreissau man was carrying a silver sword and a Luger 9mm pistol with a magazine with silver tipped bullets, and a scrap of paper in a hidden flap behind the man’s coat pocket: a memo detailing the transfer of the Thule tomes from a commandeered private residence to the German airship Havelbert. The problem? The airship was scheduled to leave the airfield in 15 minutes, and they were 45 minutes away by car!

Before they could finish discussing the strange armaments carried by the man and come up with a plan for getting to the airfield, they were discovered by a Nazi patrol! Not just any patrol, either, but him.

Right there, in the Paris night air, was the now twice-killed SGA Man!

And he wasn’t alone. As fighting broke out, they were again stunned as the two SS troops began to shapeshift, leaving two large Wolfen figures in their place.

A pitched battle ensued, but even against supernatural and never-before-seen foes, the Augurs were able to come out on top, though bloody and battered, and they promptly set out for the airfield.

Once at the airfield, a new plan was hatched. They would steal an airplane and moor on the airshiip in flight. With quick thinking and some good acting, they managed to get a plane and get airborne.

On approach to the airship, again quick wits were employed, and the airship granted them permission to moor and come aboard.

They quickly found their targets in the cargo bay, but discovered that getting away with them would be a bigger challenge than they had anticipated, as it was a large pallet of crated books!

The solution? The Augurs rigged the pallet with chutes and jumped with their prize in hand!


Grungydan Grungydan

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