The Dark Reich

The Defector

TDR: Episode 2

The Assignment

Liberate and retrieve a defecting SGA scientist and the U.S. O.S.S. agent who was helping him from Nazi clutches. If rescue is deemed impossible, kill both men to keep them from revealing anything to the Reich.

Assigned Augurs

Maj. Alastor Fielding
Sgt. Anthony Labella
Hptm. Gunter von Wulfgang
Alexadrie Claire Casse

Mission Summary

The Augurs were given their mission directly from their primary Auspex, known as Mother. It seemed simple enough: free the defecting scientist and his handler from the Axis troops holding them, or if unable to, kill them.

When they arrived to the mission site, however, it became apparent that a direct assault was likely to end badly for everyone. The building was solid and secure, and heavily guarded day and night, as it was the temporary HQ for German military operations in the immediate area. Not only was rescue from the HQ not an option, the backup plan would likely end up in their own captures or deaths.

On collection of further intelligence, it was revealed that the prisoners were to be loaded into a convoy for transport to the train station, where they would be loaded onto a train bound for Berlin. The Augurs made the operational decision to attack the convoy and retrieve the prisoners in the resulting chaos.

The attack went as planned, the explosives went off as timed, and the convoy was stopped. The air was filled with the sounds of gunfire and screams, shouted orders and smoke.

In the midst of the fighting, he appeard. They were shocked to see him. But he was dead! They watched him die in the Catacombs under Paris!

The SGA Man.

Amid the shooting and fires and explosions, suddenly the air was also filled with the tingling crackle of eldritch energy as the Augurs’ magical member clashed with their occult-powered foe.

But he was no match for the combined might of the ORRDA agents, and before long, their spells and bullets had put the SGA Man down. Again.

The mission a success, their targets retrieved and handed off, the agents retreated to their safehouse to report to Mother and discuss what they had seen.


Grungydan Grungydan

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