The Dark Reich

That's a Big Cat

TDR: Episode 6


Investigate the failure of the courier to make his meeting to hand over the Gems of the Queens to ORRDA.

Augurs Assigned

Maj. Alastor Fielding
Sgt. Anthony Labella
Temporary Assignment: <redacted>

Mission Summary

After poking around a bit, the Augurs managed to discover the location of a secret underground bar where Germans and Nazi sympathizers meet in Cairo to be among friendly minds and to conduct business in British Cairo.

Deciding to dangerously infiltrate the club, the Augurs discovered that the SGA Man was in Cairo, and that he had retrieved the Gems and made his way back into the desert to continue Nazi operations in Egypt. They also discovered that there many rumors as to what the Gems were capable of, one more fantastical than the next! Finally, they made the discovery that a large contingent of Nazi forces had been secretly moving in from the West overland, including many men, several vehicles, and some aircraft.

The Augurs, with this new information on what they faced, got in touch with HQ and arranged some British reinforcements! With their new found support, the Augurs made their way into the desert to face the Reich once again.

On their arrival, the agents found that the Gems had been installed at the peak of the three highest pyramids, and that each one was generating a powerful magical beam that was focused on the Great Sphinx…and that it was alive and kicking!

A pitched battle ensued between the Augurs and their allies and the German forces. After realizing that their weapons were useless in direct attacks on the magical beast, the Augurs and their allies decided to focus their fire and efforts on destroying the gem emplacements. This did the trick, and once the magical beams were no longer invigorating the creature, it was easily dealt with by the allied forces.

Meanwhile, the SGA Man attempted to make his escape on one of the two planes at the edge of the camp. He didn’t make it very far, however, before the Augurs took out his plane, and him…again.


Grungydan Grungydan

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