The Dark Reich

I Was Bored With Paris, Anyway

TDR: Episode 4

The Assignment

No orders. Augurs acting on their own initiative. Continue to further ORRDA goals.

Augurs Assigned

Maj. Alastor Fielding
Sgt. Anthony Labella
Alexadrie Claire Casse
Hptm. Gunter von Wulfgang

Mission Summary

After jumping from a German zeppelin with a trove of arcane tome stolen right out from under the SGA and the Nazis, the Augurs rushed to hold their operation together in a farmer’s field in rural France before the Reich could mount enough of a response to put them down.

The decision was made to split up. Imperator and Cpl. Labella stayed in the field to guard the books until the Resistance could pick them up in a truck, while the rest of the team rushed back to the safehouse to report to Mother.

On their return to the safehouse, however, the realized that they had been compromised!

The safehouse had been boobytrapped, and the SGA Man was closing in on them with his troops!

With their well honed skills and keen wits, the Augurs managed to turn the explosives back on the Nazi attackers and even the odds somewhat, but setting the safehouse ablaze in the process!

Fighting their way out, the Augurs escaped the safehouse raid to meet back up with their companions at the French Resistance hideout.

Making contact with Mother, the Augurs discovered that they were no longer to be operating in Paris.

It was on to Cairo.


Grungydan Grungydan

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